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We all make choices throughout the day that have enormous impact on others whether we realize it or not. Every time we chose what to eat, buy, and wear, our decision can support unfathomable violence and brutality towards animals. We know that by choosing Vegan food we not only make a delicious and nutritious choice, we make a Peaceful Choice.

We choose not to support cruelty to animals.
We choose to try the endless and exciting possibilities that a Vegetarian diet has to offer.
We choose not to support environmentally destructive animal agribusiness.
We choose to be aware of what we eat, not who we eat.
We choose to be healthy, educated, and compassionate consumers.

GREAT NEWS! Vegan living is easy, healthy, and it empowers you to save lives every time you eat, drink, and shop. Remember, every time you eat, you are either making a Peaceful Choice, or a destructive choice… the animals have NO choice.


Learn more about the benefits of vegan living and find out how it will help you, the environment, starving people, and of course, the animals. For an excellent introduction to vegan living, see the Vegan Starter Kit and the Vegan Guides and get lots of tips on nutrition, vegan shopping and dining out, helpful resources; and delicious recipes.